Osteoarthritis: Just Another Challenge – Blog #10 & #11

Osteoarthritis: Just Another Challenge – Blog #10 & #11

Osteoarthritis:  Just Another Challenge – Blog #10 by Rich Kennedy

The Joys of Exercise:  Below are 5 reasons I love to exercise!

#5.  Observing wildlife (including thousands of Canadian geese, Bald Eagles, Red Tail Hawks, swallows, jays, crows, squirrels, et cetera) is an excellent motivator and seems like icing on the cake:)

#4.  People watching is more fun and interesting than television.  I once watched a lady boogie her way around two miles of track.  I met a man who is 75 years old with Parkinson’s disease, who uses a three-wheeled walker to struggle one lap, but, who says, “if you quit, it’s all over” and “I’m glad to see you here, it gives me hope”.

#3.  Increased strength & flexibility gives me the endurance to attempt keeping up with my wife and to do the things we enjoy including hiking, travel, gardening, and home improvement.

#2.  Exercise is my number one daily prescription to combat discomfort associated with osteoarthritis.

#1.  At the end of every day, I’m able to look osteoarthritis in the eye and say, “I’m not finished and I am not going to quit.”  “Exercising gives me hope.”


Osteoarthritis:  Just Another Challenge – Blog #11 by Rich Kennedy

Four year ago, before Dr. Nels Carlson of OHSU said that exercising was a safe and effective way to treat osteoarthritis and before the help of Aaron Saari, PT of Beyond The Clinic, Sue and I had to ask our son to till the garden.  This year, after four years of exercising and advice from a physical therapist, I tilled my son’s garden, our garden, my daughter’s garden and my physical therapist’s garden:)  Thank you Dr. Carlson and Aaron.  (To see a photo of Rich tilling his garden, see the Beyond The Clinic Facebook page, and like us too-https://www.facebook.com/beyondtheclinic).

If you struggle with osteoarthritis and want to chat with someone who walks in your shoes and fights osteoarthritis every single day, contact me at rich.kennedy1945@gmail.com.