Home safety evaluations

Home safety evaluations

Whether it’s due to financial considerations, family matters, or personal preference, many seniors elect to stay in their home as long as possible prior to moving into an assisted living facility.  Yet, staying in the home will often provide its own unique set of challenges for aging adults.  Houses and apartments aren’t necessarily designed with the needs of seniors in mind. Some examples include: multiple levels with stairs can be overly taxing; cramped living spaces with much clutter present risk factors for falls; and bathroom layouts might impede safe bathing or toilet use. 

The list goes on, and when you’re faced with keeping an aging loved-one safe, you want to be as thorough as possible.  Beyond the Clinic has been performing home safety evaluations in the Portland Metro area since 2009, and we’re happy to be a resource for helping keep your senior safe at home. 

A few of the areas that we inspect while at the house include:

  • Tripping hazards (furniture, electrical cords, throw rugs, etc.)
  • Need for grab bars in the bathroom, or railings on stairs
  • Necessary equipment – walker, cane, raised toilet seat, hand held shower, and more.
  • Appropriate lighting (nightlights, easy access from bed)
  • Basic mobility – ability to get in/out of bed, stand up from all sitting surfaces

If someone you care for has a history of falls, it’s essential to be proactive in eliminating risks for future injury.  Aside from the home safety evaluation, physical therapy or occupational therapy treatment will often also be warranted to provide strategies for better balance and safety with day-to-day tasks.  Help exists.  Please contact us if  you believe someone in your life could benefit from this valuable service:  (503) 496-0385.