Garage gyms and at-home workouts

Garage gyms and at-home workouts

Everyone knows that in lean financial times, cutting down on non-essential costs is a routine activity.  Food, shelter, clothing, transportation – these are among the list of essentials, right? What about your exercise and fitness?  Aside from staying well fed, warm, and safe, maintaining your strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness are also critical life skills, that really shouldn’t go to the wayside when considering where to cut costs from your lifestyle.  We can hear you starting to groan: “But gym fees, exercise equipment and fitness classes are expensive!” 

Don’t worry, we’re with you!

We at Beyond The Clinic are huge fans of the workout-at-home model of physical fitness.  Why dole out your hard-earned income to do something that could be done with almost no expense? Do some yoga in the living room.  Stretch at the kitchen counter.  Jog through the neighborhood. Bike commute to work.  Grab some buddies and workout in the garage. 

Given that we do a majority of our physical therapy on-site at our clients’ homes, we’ve become quite adept at figuring out solutions to common at-home fitness problems.  What equipment is essential?  How do you make the most out of limited space?  Which exercises will give you the greatest results along your fitness journey? 

If you live in the Portland Metro area and would like some help how to maximize your home for fitness pursuits, let us help. We’d love to help design your garage or living space to complete your physical therapy program and home exercise routine.

On the other hand, if you’re already set-up to exercise but are just looking for a resource for free garage gym workouts, check out Ben’s Strength Mob blog.  Be forewarned: these group circuit training workouts are quite strenuous and highly addictive.   Bookmark to scope the twice weekly workouts he posts, and be sure to give us a call if we can help you out in any way!  (503) 496-0385