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Post-op knee rehabilitation: Get it straight!

Anybody who has gone through the rehabilitation process after a knee surgery, can commiserate on the initial physical therapy goal of being able to get the knee straight as soon as possible.  It’s often painful, takes significant dedication, and is the focus of attention of your physical therapy task master.  Achieving full knee extension, i.e. […]

Torticollis and pediatric physical therapy

Congenital torticollis is a condition that affects infants, and is usually seen within the first 8 weeks of life.  The term refers to a “twisted neck”, and describes the condition in which a child’s head is tilted, with the chin pointing to one shoulder and the top of the head going to the other shoulder.  […]

Garage gyms and at-home workouts

Everyone knows that in lean financial times, cutting down on non-essential costs is a routine activity.  Food, shelter, clothing, transportation – these are among the list of essentials, right? What about your exercise and fitness?  Aside from staying well fed, warm, and safe, maintaining your strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness are also critical life skills, […]

Home safety evaluations

Whether it’s due to financial considerations, family matters, or personal preference, many seniors elect to stay in their home as long as possible prior to moving into an assisted living facility.  Yet, staying in the home will often provide its own unique set of challenges for aging adults.  Houses and apartments aren’t necessarily designed with […]

At-home stroke rehab

Last month, the Seattle Times  highlighted a research paper from the New England Journal of Medicine, that exposed what we at Beyond the Clinic knew all along: “Patients can benefit from physical therapy long after a stroke.”  According to the article, the University of Florida has conducted one of the country’s largest stroke rehabilitation projects, […]

Physical therapy and rehab supplies

To all past, current and future clients: We are please to announce that Beyond the Clinic has partnered with a local therapy equipment supplier to provide you with the routine rehabilitation supplies that you would find at a regular, brick and mortar physical therapy clinic.  Our philosophical approach to treatment does lean towards an exercise-based […]