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“Clumsy” Kids and Physical Therapy

Have you ever seen a kid who trips over her own two feet more frequently than seems “normal”? How about a kid who seems to fall more often than than his peers?  Or a child who has a hard time sitting up straight?  This may be a child who has concerns associated with Developmental Coordination […]

What is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

People are often told how physical therapists can help them after a surgery or injury, how to get stronger, or how to help decrease pain. But how can physical therapists help children?   Pediatric physical therapists can help children and their families with concerns about motor development. We help kids with a variety of problems […]

Physical therapy and fitness for seniors

Ben returned to Portland from a fantastic two-week trip to Spain this past weekend, and has an abundance of cool photographs to share related to physical therapy and exercise equipment for seniors.  Europe is known for being more prevention-minded with regards to public health and disease than the U.S., and no where is it seen […]

Osteoarthritis: Just Another Challenge blog post #2

Osteoarthritis:  Just Another Challenge This blog is an attempt at persuading our readers that the treatments advocated by Dr. Nels Carlson (OHSU Spine Center 503-418-9888) and Beyond The Clinic (physical therapy in the home, office, or wherever 503-496-0385) are safe, effective and an excellent path back to a life worth living.  (Please check with your […]

Pre-season ski conditioning

With all of the snow Mt. Hood is getting with this current storm, rumor has it that Timberline might open a few lifts next week.  Are your legs ready?  Have you been doing any pre-season conditioning to prepare? Perhaps one week’s notice really isn’t enough time, but we at Beyond the Clinic wanted to do […]

Osteoarthritis: Just Another Challenge!

Welcome to the Osteoarthritis:  Just Another Challenge blog.  I’m Rich.  You will meet Sue, Aaron and Nels who are part of the team.  We hope that others may benefit from reading about what has transpired in the last four years of Rich’s life.   So we write this blog. About a year ago, my wife […]