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Oldies, but Goodies – Outdoor Play Ideas

August and September are some of the nicest months in the Portland Metro area.  It is the perfect time of year to play outdoors.  There are a number of activities that can be done in your own yard, driveway, or neighborhood that can help children develop their motor skills.  This blog post is focusing on […]

Motor Delay Guidelines

Just a few weeks ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics published guidelines to help pediatricians identify motor delays. To see the guidelines, follow this link. These guidelines include recommendations for formal developmental screening: If, there are concerns with motor development found with the developmental surveillance done at any well child check. And, at the 9, […]

Osteoarthritis: Just Another Challenge

May 26, 2013 – by Rich Kennedy Osteoarthritis:  Comparison of a Typical Day in 2009 versus 2013 2009 – Before Dr. Nels Carlson (OHSU) and Aaron Saari PT (Beyond The Clinic) Morning:  Get out of bed at 8:30-9:00am, drink coffee and read the newspaper, eat breakfast, take a nap, wake up and read or browse the […]

Core Strengthening at the Park: For Kids

Getting outside and playing at a local playground or park is a great way to let your kids be active while working on a variety of motor skills. As kids play, they strengthen their muscles, including their core muscles. It is important for kids to have good core strength to develop new motor skills, refine […]

Play like animals!

A great indoor or outdoor (weather permitting) activity for toddlers and preschoolers is pretending to be animals. Pretending to be animals can encourage motor planning, strength, balance and coordination. It also provides an opportunity for pretend play, social skills, and problem solving. Parents can play too and might even be surprised by how much exertion […]

Classes to keep your kids moving!

Is your family starting to get some cabin fever from being stuck indoors with the winter weather? Now might be a great time to sign up for a local class to get out of the house and encourage physical activity. There are a number of activities that help promote a child’s physical, emotional and social […]